Saturday, 21 February 2015

Newsletter 173 posted, Manakau photos uploading

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Photos from Manakau are uploading as I write, but even when the upload is done, this is not quite the complete set from Manakau. The very large field (over 90 competitors) and being out on the trail for nearly six ours meant I got about double the number of shots I normally would, and it's been a struggle to make my self imposed deadline of getting the last set published before the next ride.
With Pikarere tomorrow and still over 500 images to work through I've opted to publish now and complete the set as time allows.

If you were an early starter, chances are you'll find photos of yourself. If you saw me at or before the junction of the small inner loop after rounding the lake, you're in, and that's most of you. Very late starters who hadn't seen me until after the second ford will probably have to wait.

Sorry for the delay - life and the day job keep getting in the way. The usual link is on our Photos page. (

Hope to see many of you at Pikarere.

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