Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Kapiti Bridleways newsletter distributed to our email list

For those of you not on our email list (details of how to join can be found on our Resources page), the December newsletter from Kapiti Bridleways can be found in their Google Drive. There is more information that may be of interest to members to be found in the NZ Horse Network Blog.

We've added a permanent link to their blog on our own Links page so that you can find it in future.
They also have their own Facebook Group and a Google+ presence.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Calendar Updates

We've just confirmed the Champs Venue - the event will be held at Te Hapua Road. We've changed the date to ensure we get the tides right. Many members will already be familiar with the Te Hapua Road venue and the trail we use. It should be a great ride to finish the competition season.

Champs will now be held on April 3 and swaps places with our Bright's Farm event, that will now be held on March 20.

First WATRC ride in the new year is at Leedstown Road, Rata on January 10 - we should have the ride poster later this week.

Check our Calendar page for updates.

Ahead of that is the inaugural RADRs event to be held at Raumai / Santoft on January 3. They're putting on a range of events for all levels of experience and it should be a great day. Check their Facebook page for details.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Battle Hill results published - photos uploading s l o o o o w l y

Battle Hill enjoyed excellent conditions for a tough hill ride, with cool overcast weather and only a little drizzle in the early stages. Results can be found on our results page.

Photo upload is proving to be a challenge with images taking several minutes each (usually they only take a little over half a minute each) so it remains to be seen how long it will take to complete the album.

The Photos page has been updated with a link to the album, but if you're looking for photos taken late in the ride it may be a day or two before it gets to you. This estimate based on the total failure to upload on Sunday night followed by paint dryingly slow upload during the business day and so far this evening.

If everything keeps going, even slowly, it will get there in the end, but if it goes too slowly and times out, or there's a network outage between me and Flickr, it's a question of how long until I notice and can restart the upload.

Update: Things turned around over night and the photos upload is complete.

This wraps up the first half of the season. Our first ride in the New Year is a Rata / Leedstown on 10 January - a venue well placed for our northern riders. A ride poster will be published prior to the event.

Ahead of that, our sister club RADRs are putting on their event at Raumai / Santoft. You can check out the details on their Facebook page.

Until the next event, have a safe and festive holiday season.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Waikawa Beach Photos uploading

Photos from the Waikawa Beach ride are uploading and the upload will continue over-night. Some time during Saturday the album will be finalised. You can check out the photos as the upload progresses. Find the link on our Photos page as usual.