Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wainuiomata Ride Poster published

The new Wainuiomata ride base is further along the Coast Road than the bases we've used in the past, in the East Harbour Regional Park just inland from Baring Head. Just keep going and follow our pink bottle markers until you find our sign at the entrance - if you reach the sea you've gone about a kilometre too far - but seriously, you can't miss it ;-)

Note the later start time - first riders out at 9:00 am. We've allowed extra travel time due to the additional distance, the hills you'll have to drive, and the extra length of the 50 kmph zones you'll traverse to reach the venue.

The trail is described as stony in places and very hard, so hoof boots are strongly recommended for un-shod horses. If, as seems likely, the trail covers similar ground to our past Wainui rides, the views are indeed spectacular - this is wild country right on Wellington's doorstep and you won't regret coming.

Directions to the venue are in the ride poster and we've provided a Google Map on the Calendar page. Please do note our recommendation that anyone coming from the north on SH1 should take Grays Road through Pauatahanui and continue over Haywards Hill into the Hutt Valley. We advise against taking the SH1 route down the Nauranga Gorge with  horses aboard - it's very steep and very uncomfortable for your horse. Our suggested alternative route is windier around the north side of the Pauatahanui Inlet (so drive carefully) but the gradients over Haywards Hill are friendlier.

Also take care on the Wainuiomata Hill Road - it's a long climb and a long descent in both directions with a couple of curves that some folk take faster than they should - drop down a gear for the downhill and you'll have a safer journey and spare your brakes.

Fingers crossed for a sunny day with a cooling breeze and clear views.
See you there.

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