Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Bright's Farm photos uploading

Upload is in progress and as usual the link can be found on our Photos page. The album should be finalised later this evening, when the page will be updated with a cover photo.
Champs just days away now - entries in champs classes will still be accepted up until 9:00 pm Friday provided they are paid in full and accompanied by a $5 late entry fee. Details can be found in the ride poster - download it from our Calendar page.
Non-champs classes can be entered on the day as usual.
See you there.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Bright's Farm results - Pikarere photos a wrap

Bright's Farm results are available on the Results page of our website. It looks like most folk who needed it for a champs qualifying ride have made the cut-off time faults for their class.

Just a few more days for champs entries, required by 30 March with payment in full. Please use the Champs entry form, available on our Calendar page.

The balance of the Pikarere album has been uploaded and the album is now complete. Previously unseen photos begin about two thirds of the way through (about page 6 of 9 in my browser). Access the album from our Photos page.

Our photographer is still playing catch up and will begin work on the Bright's Farm album immediately. He'll have at least a partial album ready before Champs.

For your interest, while away on holiday, he happened upon the Mounted Games events at Farmlands HoY 2016 in Napier and took a few snaps of the action. And "action" is an understatement - teams compete in a series of relay events that include small tasks, some of which require flying dismounts and remounts to retrieve game items. The sheer athleticism and coordination between horse and rider is something to see. You can find his album on Flickr.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Pikarere photos - first installment available

I'm about two thirds of the way through the raw material from Pikarere - as promised a first installment is now available, linked in the photos page.

I'm not sure when I'll have the set complete but it will be as soon as I can manage.

It looks like Bright's Farm will have a fine day - catch you there.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Champs Entries must be submitted and paid by 30 March

The ride poster and entry form for Champs is now available in our Calendar.

Please note the deadlines for Champs entries is Wednesday 30 March at 9pm
Late entries will be accepted until 9pm Friday 1 April but will incur and $5 penalty.

The non-champs Novice and Novice Junior may enter on the day from 7.30am – we encourage you to pre-enter as this helps with the planning and scheduling of ride times.

For any camping enquiries please contact Nicky Chapman at  No camping without prior booking and camping will be limited. Yarding rules will be strictly enforced (see the rules extract below)

Entrants will be notified of their ride out time prior to the day (as usual)
Due to the tides on 3 April, the start time for champs will be pushed out  to 9:00am.  Confirmation of the start time will be given in plenty of time. Daylight Saving ends at 2:00am on Sunday 3 April (ride day) – the clocks will go back one hour at 2:00am so you will get an extra hour of sleep!

Champs qualifying criteria:
For championship classes, horses & riders must both be qualified (either individually or as a combination) in 2 x WATRC rides in the current season in the class they wish to compete in (note: qualifying rides must have 30 or less time faults for Novice, McCready Civil (short intermediate), Junior & Intermediate and 20 or less time faults for the Open class ).

Remember, our Bright's Farm ride is your last opportunity to complete a qualifying ride if you're still one short.

The following is an extract from the WATRC Ride Rules relating to yarding of horses at the ride venue:
1.6.6 Yarding
At all events, if camping overnight, the minimum standard of Yarding is to be:
(a) Four rigid corners (examples of, but not limited to -. warratahs - these MUST have safety caps - , side of truck or fence already standing)
(b) Two strands of electric fence tape, not string.
(c) Electrified while horses are inside yard
(d) Approximate minimum height of top tape /rail =1 metre.
(e) Approximate minimum distance between the two tapes/rails = 400mm

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Waitohu results, Bright's Farm poster, and a note about Champs qualifying

Results from Waitohu can now be found on the club results page here.

The Bright's Farm ride poster can be found in the Calendar along with directions in Google Maps if you're unfamiliar with the venue location.

The ride is the same as last year with the Novice and Novice Junior riding one loop of 13kms;
McCready Civil (Short int) and Junior Class riding one and a half loops for 20kms; and, Open and Long Intermediate riding two loops for 26kms.

Over the years, the Bright's Farm trail has varied as encroaching development in the Nikau Valley cuts off the northern-most end, but you can still get a good indication of the terrain from our dated trail profile.

Brights Farm is our final ride before Club Champs and your last chance to do a ‘qualifying ride’ for Champs. It is also a Premier Points Ride.

Look out also for the Club Champs flyer and entry form which will be sent out this week.
Remember entries for Champs must be made by a deadline date and paid for in advance (except for the non-championship class which can be entered on the day).  Full details in the poster to come.

Pikarere photos still some way off while the photographer is on holiday in the sunny north.