Saturday, 26 March 2016

Bright's Farm results - Pikarere photos a wrap

Bright's Farm results are available on the Results page of our website. It looks like most folk who needed it for a champs qualifying ride have made the cut-off time faults for their class.

Just a few more days for champs entries, required by 30 March with payment in full. Please use the Champs entry form, available on our Calendar page.

The balance of the Pikarere album has been uploaded and the album is now complete. Previously unseen photos begin about two thirds of the way through (about page 6 of 9 in my browser). Access the album from our Photos page.

Our photographer is still playing catch up and will begin work on the Bright's Farm album immediately. He'll have at least a partial album ready before Champs.

For your interest, while away on holiday, he happened upon the Mounted Games events at Farmlands HoY 2016 in Napier and took a few snaps of the action. And "action" is an understatement - teams compete in a series of relay events that include small tasks, some of which require flying dismounts and remounts to retrieve game items. The sheer athleticism and coordination between horse and rider is something to see. You can find his album on Flickr.

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