Friday, 11 March 2016

Champs Entries must be submitted and paid by 30 March

The ride poster and entry form for Champs is now available in our Calendar.

Please note the deadlines for Champs entries is Wednesday 30 March at 9pm
Late entries will be accepted until 9pm Friday 1 April but will incur and $5 penalty.

The non-champs Novice and Novice Junior may enter on the day from 7.30am – we encourage you to pre-enter as this helps with the planning and scheduling of ride times.

For any camping enquiries please contact Nicky Chapman at  No camping without prior booking and camping will be limited. Yarding rules will be strictly enforced (see the rules extract below)

Entrants will be notified of their ride out time prior to the day (as usual)
Due to the tides on 3 April, the start time for champs will be pushed out  to 9:00am.  Confirmation of the start time will be given in plenty of time. Daylight Saving ends at 2:00am on Sunday 3 April (ride day) – the clocks will go back one hour at 2:00am so you will get an extra hour of sleep!

Champs qualifying criteria:
For championship classes, horses & riders must both be qualified (either individually or as a combination) in 2 x WATRC rides in the current season in the class they wish to compete in (note: qualifying rides must have 30 or less time faults for Novice, McCready Civil (short intermediate), Junior & Intermediate and 20 or less time faults for the Open class ).

Remember, our Bright's Farm ride is your last opportunity to complete a qualifying ride if you're still one short.

The following is an extract from the WATRC Ride Rules relating to yarding of horses at the ride venue:
1.6.6 Yarding
At all events, if camping overnight, the minimum standard of Yarding is to be:
(a) Four rigid corners (examples of, but not limited to -. warratahs - these MUST have safety caps - , side of truck or fence already standing)
(b) Two strands of electric fence tape, not string.
(c) Electrified while horses are inside yard
(d) Approximate minimum height of top tape /rail =1 metre.
(e) Approximate minimum distance between the two tapes/rails = 400mm

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