Friday, 24 June 2016

Remits and Proxy voting form available for AGM Sat 2 July

We have five remits for consideration at AGM. These are now available on our website Resources page along with a proxy voting form that can be downloaded and either edited (Word) or printed (PDF) for you to complete and submit. This material will also be emailed to our email group shortly.

Remits address the following matters:
  • PASSED: Remit 1 – Riders required to remain mounted until called for Across-the-Line Heart Rates
  • PASSED: Remit 2 – Clarification of Rule 1.14 Vetting
  • LOST: Remit 3 – Control Area Trot and Finish Line walk
  • PASSED: Remit 4 – Amendments to Rule 1.11 Safety in relation to footwear
  • PASSED: Remit 5 – Championship classes and qualifying criteria
Only financial members of WATRC are eligible to vote.

Please ensure that emailed or posted proxy votes will be received in time. The remits will be passed or lost at AGM and late votes will not be counted.

If attending AGM, please ensure you arrive in time to be seated for a 4:30 pm start.

Updated 11 July. 4 of 5 remits passed. Further updates to follow:

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Reminder: Booking and Payment due by Friday 24 June for Prizegiving Dinner Saturday 2 July

Prizegiving dinner will start at 6 pm on Saturday 2 July following AGM.

Please note the deadline for purchasing your dinner tickets is Friday 24 June as we need to confirm numbers for catering.

AGM will commence at 4:30 pm. Financial members are of course welcome to attend AGM, but regrettably there can be no dinner ticket sales on the day, sorry.

Remits for consideration at AGM will be emailed to the WATRC mailing group, posted on the WATRC website and announced on Facebook from 25 June (one week ahead of the AGM)

A proxy form will also be provided for members who wish to vote on the remits but are unable to attend AGM.

NOTE: Only financial members can vote.