Thursday, 16 November 2017

Ride Day Protocols for all competitors

·      ALL riders MUST attend briefing (8.15am and 9.15am unless otherwise specified)
·      NO cell phones to be used on course. Cell phones may be carried for emergency purposes only but are not permitted for photography or timekeeping. Use of cell phones on course risks elimination. Leave them in your pocket or pack.
·      NO GPS or on board heart rate monitors
·      NO whips or spurs
·      NO reins longer than 3 meters or split reins
·      NO lead ropes (exception lead rein class)
·      NO gumboots. Riding boots must be worn or stirrups with cages
·      NO time wasting: weaving, circling or stopping while on trail, always maintain forward motion (you can let your horse drink)
·      Riders MUST stay mounted and maintain forward motion after crossing finish line until a vet is available to take your heart rate.

Please also ensure that you are familiar with the WATRC Code of Conduct

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