Thursday, 24 May 2018

Annual Awards - call for nominations

Hi Everyone

It’s awards and trophies time again for our 2017/18 season completed in April.  The AGM and prize giving is on Sunday 8th of July (full details will follow in the next couple of weeks including a call for remits)

There are a number of awards which we ask the membership to submit names of members who you think should get an award in a listed category.

We have set up an on-line form  for you to respond.

The award categories are:
1. Rookie of the year
2. Most Valuable Rep
3. Most Supportive Family
4. Horsemanship
5. Most Improved Horse
6. Most Improved Rider

Please follow the link to vote.
Only one submission per category per individual or family membership, please.

Posted on behalf of Nicky Chapman, WATRC President

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